Little Creek Casino Resort

The Little Creek Casino Resort in Southwest Virginia is one of the premier locations in the state for the player who enjoys big games and big amounts of play. Located in the heart of Harpers Ferry, the resort offers world class gambling with a distinctive touch. While the best tournaments are won at this location, the general style of play is very laid back. From first-time players to seasoned veterans, each person’s experience will be special.

There are many different methods to enjoy the location of the Harpers Ferry casino. First, if one wishes to attend the grand opening of the casino, there is no charge. During the grand opening, the public can walk through the casino as well as view some of the gamblers’ displays. If one would like to see what all the fuss is about, a guided tour will be available. For this, one should bring a picture of the cards he or she wishes to play, along with his or her ID. There will be plenty of seating for visitors as well as a trained game professional to help guests make their bets. All visitors should expect a few hours free time.

It is important to note that a family membership to the Harpers Ferry casino is one of the most popular programs. Family members who are eighteen and over are allowed to bring up to four family members. These include children who are under the age of eighteen. The little creek casino resort also offers a Junior memberships program. Under this program, children who are under the age of twelve are not permitted to play poker. Once these children reach twelve, they can participate in all of the special events held at the casino. A family vacation is one of the best options to take when one does not want to spend a lot of money.