Little Creek Casino And Resort

Little Creek Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada has won great praise from the best of the press. However, the buzz is not all good. Many who have tried this tourist trap say that it is a scam. The reason for this is quite simple. Little Creek Casino and Resort offer many courses where gamblers can win huge jackpots but are willing to take advantage of the out of state residents.

little creek casino and resort

This can be seen as good entertainment to the guests and the poker fans. Many gamblers have tried this out and they do not like it. But, what is sad is that they cannot complain about it. This is because it is still a new casino venture in Las Vegas. Thus, there is still lots of room for improvement. Moreover, the biggest problem is that there are no tourists from other states in Little Creek Casino and Resort.

Hence, there are just too many casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. Little Creek Casino and Resort would not last long if it was to suffer from this problem. A few things can be done to solve this problem. First, they should first focus on catering to the needs of their customers. Second, they should promote their product. Last, they should hire local people to work as bookkeepers.