What is a Little Creek Casino Brunch Buffet?

If you are a poker player, and like to see the best players of today at the Little Creek Casino, you may want to check out the Little Creek Casino Brunch Buffet. This is a great place to see the best new players of the day. The food is excellent. The bartenders and hostesses are professional and friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxed. This is a place where everyone can have a great time.

little creek casino brunch buffet

The specials at the Little Creek Casino Brunch Buffet are as follows: the first 10 people in line to receive free appetizers and small drinks; they are also given free chips and a drink with the purchase of their ticket. The first ten people in line that evening get free drinks from start to finish. The last two people in line to get a free meal. They get five courses of main course selections and then one dessert course. There is always the chance to win some awesome prizes at the casino.

If you are in need of an excellent place to play card games, the breakfast buffet is perfect. There are always new players to the casino. No matter how many times a day you go, you are going to find new players. So, when you come to the brunch buffet, you are going to be able to meet some of the new players that have joined the Little Creek Casino. You will be able to talk to them and try to win them over to the casino. There are plenty of great people that are at the breakfast buffet for fun. It is a great place to go if you like to play games of chance.