Little Creek Casino Bar Behemoth

The Little Creek Casino at Harrisonburg, Virginia, is home to the most innovative buffet in the world. Instead of just a buffet, it is set up like a mini-tastebud bar and has many exclusive foods and beverages. It is as funky as it sounds. It is in fact the first buffet in the world with trays for small plates and an expansive selection of drinks. Just like a mini-bar, there are separate locations for the glasses and handshakes.

little creek casino buffet shelton

That’s right, folks. It’s not just you, it’s you and your guest sitting at the buffet and not to mention the host as well. The buffet can be fully stocked with dishes without crowding, depending on the day of the week. On certain days of the week, it can be fully stocked with 3 or more small plates, while others require just one or two. Many diners are preferring to share in the mini-tastebud bar as it reduces the crowding as well.

It is also quite an entertaining place to have a lounge buffet. Even before you begin enjoying your meals, you will be able to dance and interact with your new friends. You will be surprised by how many would like to come and mingle and sometimes talk to you will meet new and old friends while you are enjoying your items. Don’t think that is just because of the exotic food. It is just the way the buffet is set up. So get your little creek casino buffet to live up to its hype and experience what it is all about.